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TIME OUT NY **** (four stars) “Susan Damante is a woman unafraid to tell her story, and her one-woman show pulls no punches...”


NEWYORKTHEATRE.COM “... a very powerful, unique experience... I sat through most of the play with my jaw dropped in shock. Shock at how one… woman could have gone through so much hardship and shock at the performer in front of me who is so ferocious, so determined, so full of Duende.”





SUSAN DAMANTE as his wife “Mary” is powerful as a woman who recognizes the truth but tries to ignore it for as long as possible.

Play review by: Peter Foldy


Damante is excellent in her craft and her work plays to perfection in all of her quiet moments. Review by: Joe Straw


Damante, an excellent actor, plays Mary as strong, sexy and smart, giving her depth and dimension and making her a perfect mate for Seth."---Harker Jones, Edge Media Network




"Damante and David make a great team. They feed off each other’s energy creating a magnificent duo who complement each other. They prove the female comedy duos are just as valid, or even more so than the male counterparts. It’s all about the funny. And (writer) Strysik does an admirable job of conveying it with style and class."

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